In the "BEST" section of the 2/2023 issue of AUTO BILD sportscars, 14 high-end sports cars in various categories were selected from hundreds of test vehicles of the year 2022, which were the most convincing in all criteria and, above all, deliver pure DRIVING FUN. The award-winning sports cars in alphabetical order:

ABT RS 3-R; Aston Martin DBX 70; Audi RS 3; BMW M4 CSL; BOLDMEN CR 4; Brabus 911; Ferrari 296 GTB; Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica; Lotus Emira V 6; Manthey 911 GT 3; Mc Laren Artura; Porsche 911 GT4 RS; Toyota GR 86; VW Golf R 20 years.

We are very pleased to be among the BEST already, just one year after the introduction of our BOLDMEN CR 4 and to prove that a small manufactory with high-grade specialists can create a product that does not have to fear comparison with the top products of industrial companies - on the contrary, the EXCLUSIVITY and INDIVIDUALITY of a BOLDMEN cannot be delivered by any big company. The DETAIL QUALITY of our sports car is also among the BEST that can be found on the market - this has also been confirmed to us by developers and technicians of well-known German manufacturers from the automotive industry.

Unique pieces "handmade in Germany" cannot be a special offer, similar prices are charged for comparable products from German mass production, although their production is far cheaper and development as well as tooling and homologation costs can be splitted on large quantities.

At a time when electric mobility is being touted as the solution par excellence, we have developed a Roadster that will outlast the most modern electric vehicles.

In the first year, we were able to inspire more car enthusiasts for our BOLDMEN CR 4 and also make more sales (despite the Corona pandemic and the energy crisis) than I managed in 1993 with the introduction of the Wiesmann Roadster MF 3, which had been legendary for years. Legends begin quietly and at some point become automotive history at prices on the market that are far above the new prices at the time - become part of it!

Friedhelm Wiesmann